The Digital Automation Visual Interface display


About DigitalFriend:Ai

How it works?

Essentially scripts, invoked when certain conditions are triggered, that produce text messages meaningful to teams in a persistent ai conversation

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Chicago Media Firm is leading the way in innovative web interface designs

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DigitalFriend is our technological future


Let us introduce a new way to combine technologies to create a coexisting cohesion of digital bliss. We have all watched the sci-fi movies and science fiction stories incorporating the future of technologically advanced and conscious robotics and computing. Enter the inspirational mind of this Chicago based programmer and be part of the DigitalFriend app's future. Many minds helped to form what is now DigitalFriend; the Facial animational morphs were partially created by AlteredQualia in cooperation with the Face Research Lab London Set by Lisa DeBruine & Ben Jones. The eye automational cgi was generated by DeepWarp and the web interface was pioneered by Jeremy D Higgs. D.A.V.I.D uses computing knowledge to offer something unique to the world.

The DigitalFriend interface from Chicago Media Firm uses real life features and interaction technology to provide the user with a futuristic and technologically advanced digital conversation using D.A.V.I.D. (The Digital Automation Visual Interface display)

The most advanced automation application in existence

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